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Devin “Jeru” Battle. is the creator of RuInU inc and also the founder of B.P.U. B.P.U is a  unity organization he plans to build in the year 2021-2022. Devin Battle, but who goes by ‘JeRu’ now was born and raised in St.Louis, Missouri. He grew up in poverty throughout various communities. Jeru considers  himself to be an inspiring role model, leader, visionary,  & poet/messenger. He is also an advocate for peace, love, and unity #Rastafari.His most important mission with his art is to “spread love like a virus” he says.Through his creative vision he aims to get more people in the urban communities to express themselves in a more positive and creative manner instead of taking the negative approach or outlook based upon there circumstances. Humanity is very important to his mission he says  because “If we don’t have each other then we have nothing and if we have nothing how can we conquer and rebuild what’s ours” Jeru has plans to start his own creative program for the youth called “Create-A-Way” as well as a creative clubhouse called ” RuInU inc.  He says that “If we as a people  aren’t sharpened  then we may not see the future “.

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