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“This road I’m on is dark, but I still see the light. Making quick left turns and right turns praying we make it out. Is this my destiny ? Living in a jail cell that wasn’t meant for me but dey sholl designed this sh*t like it was built for me #Amerikkka. #DAMN this sh*t gone be history, but in the end I bet my people gone be screaming victory. Y’all can keep playing us like we a mystery. You better know your history” – Jeru Battle 

This piece is called ” Return of the incense master’s”. This portrait represents me and my spiritual journey. Many people have wondered? Why this flag ? Are you Ethiopian? Are you Jamaican?  my response is ” No I’m African trapped somewhere I don’t belong and everything seems to be setup all wrong” I responded “Africa is where i belong.” When I was the age nineteen or twenty I dug deep within and discovered what it meant to be “woke or enlightened”.So many  people made it seem like it was wrong of me to find myself.It was confusing because no one really seemed to like the feeling of being lost but so many people seemed content with it. I didn’t like being lost. From there I went searching for answers. I took a trip to Jamaica right after I graduated high school. That was the first time I witnessed peace , love , and happiness all in one. That experience made me gain a whole new outlook about life and what I thought was “living”.  Something about the energy in Jamaica made me transform my ways of living.Bob Marley was a big impact to why I chose to represent green, yellow, and red, But before I could stand for something I had to do my research on what those colors truly represented. I gained a lot of enlightenment through Bob’s music.His group created harmony but also they used their music to teach and deliver a message. He would always mention “Rastafari” in his lyrics and that’s when I discovered who the “King of Kings Lord of Lords and the Conquering Lion of Judah” was and for someone to hold a name like that you had to represent power.From then on, I knew I wanted to be a part of that history. So I created “Return of the incense master’s ” to express my love and connection I share with their teachings.  

P.s: in my opinion :

       Green = Unity 

       Yellow = Peace 

       Red = Love/Blxxd 

The 9 represents the good 

The 6 represents the evil… 

Both =Balance:Understand life ! 

Peace and Love!

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