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TMC. LongLiv3 Nipsey ThaGreat “

You can look a gift horse in the face and not know what your looking at and I feel like I’m looking at the gift horse.I’m just one of the ones that notice what I’m looking at.You know what I mean? It’s actually an incredible time. It’s like a gold rush, it’s never been a time like this in our generation.It’s our equivalent of the gold rush with everybody moving to California.This technology has empowered everybody and it’s giving people the option to make it as big as you wanna make it and as far as you want to take it. We can quote a gang of things going on in the world right now or accept it as being true but, giants are going to crumble Big-big companies are going to crumble .New companies gone pop up outta nowhere and it’s gone be dramatic and I believe that” – Nipsey Hussle. 

In many circumstances F.O.E means family over everything ,well at least to me it does .A quote I live by is ” Being blood doesn’t make you family loyalty does”. So my question to you is ‘What are you loyal too? When I created this visions that’s how I knew I was different. When you passed on all I could think is #Damn Nip we had things to do, meetings to arrange , deals to close, and more communities to put back in order. I remember the first song I heard by you was 7 days a week. I couldn’t stop playing it. At this time , I was grinding! My brothers had a clothing line called  “Hello Tomorrow”. This gave me the drive to be involved. My aim was to find my purpose and make it my passion. So, I got to it!  I BECAME… “DTOE” DEDICATED TO OVER EXCEEDING! From there I was inspired by the words you spoke because you left us with the mentality to eliminate the middleman. You said that in 2003! I knew you was different because you thought highly and outside the box just like US. Growing up in alot of different neighborhoods made me adapt to the “the hood” mentality. Not for what it was and not how it was set up. More so, it was about our people. I grew a love for the people who felt like that was the end for them. So my focus became “how can I save the #NEIGHBORHOOD” because I had people in the trenches as well. I knew it was something better, but I also knew It was something wrong by the way things were set up and how we were living, but I couldn’t wrap my head around it… so I made a plan. #BPU. 

Nipsey you opened my eyes up to grinding at a different level, believing in self, plotting on your dreams , standing on what you speak, and never folding! This process taught me patience and growth…

I went to college when you dropped #Crenshaw and mannnn. This took my hustle to another level. I start wearing 1 of 1 customs #ArtbySeals and new street wear. At the time, I was wearing #Donttriad & #GoldMorals. My agenda was to let people know we had a product to offer and if you wanted it I knew how to get it. Nipsey you motivated me to build a network filled with all types of people. With my art I found out that my purpose was bigger. We have to bleed more gems upon the youth/community .While I was exploring the game you gave me the passion and also helped me find my route. Victory lap blessed me with the drive to change lanes and follow my goals and dreams. Write it down, what you expect from it,and start your OWN business. So I created a way….. #CreateAWay prog. for the youth while building a brand behind it #RuInU inc…Believe or be ruined..xX 

Anger they took you out so cruelly but also grateful for your soul/life…


9sixandforever #TheMarathonContinues #TMC x #BPU…..

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