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23 Levels UP/Finesse The Test #LongLiv3…

On May 23,1995 the sun and the moon blessed me upon earth. 22 years later on that same day is when I became earth strong.I had made it to 23 and this was the first time I ever felt what it meant to live life on a high note.My art had took me 23 stories up to an art exhibit called “The Champaign Experience/ Exquisite Taste.” At this event me and my brothers displayed art while learning about different wines from different regions of the world.At this moment I knew we were doing something extravagant and also inspiring. Giving people a new experience. This was what we called a real “sip and paint!”This also made me realize that my talents/art could take me to levels I never imagined, but the only way to keep going up was to believe in myself first and that’s exactly what I did.From that day forward I felt colossal.

S/o to dah boay Seals #ArtBySeals..

The piece I created is called ” Finesse The Test”. This portrait is where/when I created the saying “Long Liv3” which means may your soul live on into the next life #9six&Forever. In 2016 the creative community took a big loss. On top of the Mike Brown/ Ferguson situation St.Louis lost a influential, cool , well-rounded, and bright individual name Tyrell Thompson a.k.a “Rell Finesse”. He was gunned downed due to senseless crime in the Central West end. He was a big inspiration to the St.Louis creative community. He influenced my style of work based on his eye and level of creativity . That same summer we were suppose to collaborate on a anime project . The theme was his character was being introduced to my character for the first time. My aim was to show people his style of creativity. All of his figures had power ranger head and i thought that was so dope and original. That’s when i created my characters Frenchie and Ruskiiito. Frenchie abilities was to hustle and gamble and Ruskiiito poessed the power to Finesse and maneuver. The main priority was to #Live #Love & #Create while learning how to maneuver in this cold game/world. The Groot represents the ability to regenerate. Groot can control trees and plants, using them to attack others, and appears to be resistant to fire. When i thought of Groot he gave me the idea of #MoreLife. With this portrait I wanted to create a world where we could teach others “The Game of Finesse. #LongLiv3…

P.S: Listen to the poem “The Finesse” In my sounds page.

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